Answered By: Paul Streby
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2020     Views: 6138

If you try to open an online resource and get the error message File missing: docs/suspend.htm, it means you have exceeded the maximum amount of data allowed to be downloaded through our proxy server (currently 200MB within 15 minutes). This can happen if you download image-rich files or other large documents. There are several things you can do:

  • Try accessing the resource via LabAnywhere (off-campus).
  • Contact the Thompson Library; we may be able to unblock it for you.
  • Wait half an hour and try again. The block expires after 30 minutes.


Why is there usage limit in the first place?

It helps prevent unethical use of resources, such as downloading entire runs of journals. Publishers and database providers usually prohibit that sort of excessive usage, and sometimes suspend a library's access to their products if they suspect someone is abusing their privileges. Although perfectly normal usage can sometimes trigger the usage limit, it exists to protect everyone's access to library resources.

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